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A long time back in Jan 2014 Sony rolled the very first firmware update xperia c прошивка Xperia C in form of and now Sony has rolled a xperia c прошивка 16. TA notification for 16. To update to 16. More smooth UI and launcher. Camera improved xperia c прошивка bit. Front cam quality same like before. Proximity sensor bug fixed. Download Xperia C 16. Drop your comments below with the bugs still facing and your changelog. An Internet Marketer cum Infopreneur, a passionate Blogger and an Impatient optimist. Anurag is currently pursuing MBA IB from IIFT Xperia c прошивка. Follow him at I Contact him at for feedback and sending tips. Feel free to join this conversation. I have xperia C. I want to update to 4. Till today I had hope that sony will release kit kat ie 4. Now I got conformed that no further major updates. They ll keep us to oly 4. Xperia c прошивка my frds are already startd usin kit kat n im still in 4. Xperia C has good configuration. But still yet Sony has kept Xperia C on 4. Hope the anriod version also update sooon. How to increase the internal memory, it is showing user available for only 1 GB … Please advise xperia c прошивка. I have just updated my Xperia C to 16. It requires Leap configuration which is not available in the Advanced options menu in Wireless. Xperia C Cannot Flashing Offline By Flashtool! Please Show The Guide For Flashing With Flashtool Offline! Someone update to 16. Happy news for xperia c прошивка c users including me. I can confirm this. I sent an email to Sony and they replied with the following but did they mean another 4. In regards to your question about the xperia c and the update,kindly check the below: There will be another update for your current software version however we do not have any information when it will be released as it is under investigation. However the last android version for xperia c прошивка Xperia c is 4. I hope the update on sony xperia c will bring changes significant enough in terms of performance because I had a little lag in the UI when doing transfer page. Already update to 16. And hope for new android update soon. Xperia c прошивка hav updated my xperia but facing problem with battery backup! It is draining fast as compared like before! Anyone else face the same issue? Thanks, Anusha How about warning: low disk space? But there still internal memory 1. Thanks How to flash this firmware using flashtool? Then my phone has been lagging and has become very slow. All this happened after Xperia c прошивка updated to new Build Version. I updated xperia c firmware to 16. Because my sister has the Xperia L with the same problem and they fixed it for her with a software update. Anyone else with the same issue? In my xperia C sim1 gets weak signal. And also Please announce date for 4. Kindly roll out the kitkat update for Xperia C soon! Dear Matt, Sony has officially ended the support for Xperia C therefore there will no more future updates for Xperia C in any form. Xperia c прошивка content is copyrighted and may not be reproduced xperia c прошивка other websites. All trademarks are the identity of respective firm. Use of these trademark is subject to their permission. Contact us: Find us xperia c прошивка.